What is Instagram?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform which is offering people the opportunity to share pictures and videos with each other. You can give a heart to a picture which means that you like it and so can others give a heart to your pictures.

Users can also comment the pictures. If you like someones posts you can follow them so their posts will appear in your own instagram newsfeed. Other people can also follow you and see your released pictures and videos. You can make your profile public but you can also make it private. When your profile is public, other people can follow you and see your posts when they visit your profile. Is your profile set on private, others can only request to follow you and can only see your profile when you have agreed it.

Next to this there is an interesting hashtag-option. You can use specific keywords to describe the topic of your pictures. You can, as example, use the hashtag #fun so people who are not following you can see your pictures as well, because there is another function with which you can look for specific hashtags. When a user looks for #fun he can see all photos and videos which have been released with the hashtag fun. There is also a search function with which you can see the pictures and videos which are the most popular at the current time. With a free Instagram Downloader you can download this videos and photos!

You can just create an account for free and start to release your own pictures and videos or follow other people on Instagram - this means you can follow your friends, your family but you can also follow celebrities and strangers to get to know new friends.

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