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The Instagram downloader called DownloadGram is one of the most popular video downloaders for Instagram. The design is kept very simple and only the function was emphasized. With one click, DownloadGram can download videos & photos from the Instagram platform for free. Many other websites of this type have a large number of advertisements - which is annoying in part. Downloadgram does not have a single banner on the website - which means that the page loads extremely quickly.

To download a video or photo from Instagram to Downloadgram, all you need is the URL for the respective image or video. You simply copy this URL and paste it on the platform and press 'Download'. The process usually takes less than 1 second. Then you can load the photo or video onto your smartphone, computer, tablet without having to pay anything.

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Why should you use DownloadGram

  • Very fast service
  • No queue
  • No visible advertising
  • No unnecessary content

There is a large number of comparable web services. DownloadGram has been around for a very long time and has established itself on the market. There is hardly any other service that focuses exclusively on downloading video & photos. Many other services offer a smartphone app or a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox. In terms of marketing, this is a smart step to get even more users to the site and to build a huge brand.

Small disadvantages of DownloadGram

  • No extras like add-ons or mobile apps
  • Very simple design, not appealing for some

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