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One of the most valued elements of Instagram, the great interest for downloading stories from the app is one of the reasons users continue to practice this application. Along with the expanding number of active stories from regular users, there is also an increasing presence of the different apps that offer or promote downloading stories from the Instagram website or app.

The best free apps Instagram story downloader

As mentioned there is a high number of apps that offer the option for downloading stories from Instagram. However, the list of apps depends on where we want to save these stories, on personal desktop or mobile. Based on this, we have settled up a short list of the best apps at the moment:

Instagram story downloader for desktop

  • 1. Storydownloader
  • Storydownloader, an attractive favorite for those involved in downloading Instagram (IG) stories on their personal computer. The web app comes at-handy with its rich and robust platform.

  • 2.
  •, another great option where users can easily choose the story downloader option present on the main page and from there applying the easy steps for downloading IG stories directly from the main website.

  • 3.
  • remains one of the most popular choices from the audience. Because of its simplicity and clean interface this web app is recommended.

Instagram story downloader for Android

  • 1. Story Saver
  • Story Saver, the most used option from Android users. For making use of this app is necessary login to personal Instagram account and from there you can pick up any story your community and friends have shared. Any saved story can be found on the Story Saver app folder.

Instagram story downloader for iOS

  • 1. Repost Story for Instagram
  • Repost Story for Instagram, one of the first choices for iOS users. It is straightforward and free to use. After you have given to the app the permission for full access to your photo library, you can search for IG stories with the username.

This is the list of the most popular and favorite apps for downloading stories directly from Instagram. Depending on the personal choice and preferences these alternatives offer different options for saving IG stories either on the personal PC, Android or iOS personal cell phone. In all cases, the quality that these apps offer makes the difference from the rest.

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