Is idownloader.net free?

Yes, idownloader.net is completely free and will remain free in the future. Over time, we will finance ourselves with commercials.

Is it possible to download stories with instadownloader?

At the moment not. But we will add this feature in the future, providing you with even greater value.

What makes the different between us and other providers of this kind?

We focus on speed and freedom of advertisement. That's why there is no waiting time for you to download the photos or videos.

I can't download a video or photo, why?

We can not process photos and videos of private Instagram accounts at the moment. That's why you get an error.

Do you save data from me?

No, we do not store any data from you. Even the video or photo link will not be saved.

Is there a Browser extension which i can use?

Yes, there is a Chrome Extension - You can find it here.